Monday, September 2, 2013

Why My Blog Sucks

Yes. My blog sucks. I mean, it's a movie review blog and I haven't posted a movie review since May 9th. What gives?

I'm still writing, but I've been focusing on fiction and poetry instead of blogging. What do I write? Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, crime, and even a western. Mostly short fiction, but I have sold a novelette to KZine and have a novella out for consideration to a publisher. The novelette will appear in the May '14 issue, so be patient on that one.

For now, you can check out the August issue of Static Movement for two flash-fiction pieces. They'll take about 5 minutes to read combined. Oh and it's a free eZine.  CLICK HERE

Or, you can head over to to read a crime piece I wrote. It's poorly edited, but the story is pretty good. CLICK HERE

I also have a crime piece in the August issue of eFiction Magazine. It's a subscription-based publication, but you will probably be able to buy the standalone issue within a month for pretty cheap. CLICK HERE

In the next week or so, you'll be able to find a poem of mine, "The Steel Titan" over at Mystic Nebula for free. CLICK HERE

I'll also have two pieces in upcoming anthologies. I don't have a link for you to read them. But I'll offer up the covers. It will be a while before these are published.

And today I got an acceptance letter from a poetry magazine called Star*Line. It's the quarterly publication of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. To me, it's a big deal. It's unclear when it will be published, but in one of the next two issues. Here's a cover, not from my issue, just a cover.

So there ya go. That's why my blog sucks. Because I'm writing everything but blog posts. Except, ya know, this one.

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  1. Congratulations! Not for your blog sucking but for why it sucks! I mean, uh, yeah....Congratulations!