Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Restitution - Supporting Indie Film

A still from the teaser trailer which can be found at the bottom of this post.

A while back I decided to make DustyOnMovies a sponsor of Hybrid Vigor, a mystery/thriller being filmed on location in Latvia. It's now fully funded and in production. It looks like it will be very good.

With one success under the ol' belt, I've decided to be a backer for the upcoming film "Restitution". It's a western being filmed by Matthew Pickett. What I'm really excited about for "Restitution" is that it's prinicpal photography will be done in Blacksburg, Va, the same town Virginia Tech is located and only about 15 miles from where I live.

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For my local readers, there are open auditions taking place this Friday and Saturday. You can get info about that at Mike Allen's Arts n' Extras blog.

I contacted Mr. Pickett and he was nice enough to send some information for me to share. Hopefully I can keep up-to-date with this project and possibly offer some exclusive content as it progresses.

From The Director,

Matthew Pickett

My name is Matthew Pickett, director and producer of “Restitution.” I am a third year film student at Rochester Institute of Technology.

My first student film, "The King's River," that was finished in the Spring of 2012, had many challenges that arose during production. I managed each problem on a case by case basis and as the film has been successfully received at numerous film festivals, I feel that I have a strong track record in dealing with real world issues and finishing what I start.

My main goal for "Restitution" is to be as real and authentic as possible throughout the film. In order to appropriately prepare for the possible issues that may arise during filming, I have been aggressively pre-producing this film since early fall of 2012.

During this pre-production process, I have not only assembled a dedicated and technically gifted crew and spent numerous weeks finding the right locations for the film, but I have also arranged for an armorer with more than 40 years of firearm training experience to oversee all of the firearm handling. In addition, there will be a world-class riding trainer on set to manage all of the horses in the production.

Even with all of the people involved in the project already, we still need more support. Every donation counts in making this project a reality.


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